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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire
A Wedding Videographer in 2023

By Michael Hurley

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This is a complete guide to why you NEED a wedding videographer at your wedding in 2023.


I'll even include a couple of surprising reasons you may not have thought of.

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Wedding Videographer Michael Hurley

In a recent survey, 98% of brides agreed that you should definitely hire a professional videographer, with one famous bridal magazine saying, ...not having a wedding video to cherish after the big day is one of the most common regrets felt by today’s real brides.


In this guide I am going to explain the technical and emotional reasons on why your wedding needs to have one.


But does this still ring true in 2023?


In a word, yes.


So what are the actual benefits of hiring a professional to film your wedding? I am going to break it down into six interesting reasons.

They Will Capture The ‘Real’ Emotions Of The Day

Pictures are great, and everyone knows the first thing a couple will book for their wedding is a wedding photographer.


But a photo doesn’t capture everything.


It won’t capture hearing you both say 'I do' to each other, the laughter from your wedding speeches, or the way you look at each other as you make your first dance together.


Now imagine this all set to a beautiful cinematic backing track and you’re halfway to realising why you need a wedding film.

Bride looking at makeup in the mirror.

Bridal prep is included in my packages as standard


It’s The Best Investment You Can Make On Your Wedding Day

The average bride will spend just 14% of their budget on wedding videography/photography, with around 50% going on the venue alone.

Wedding budget

However, none of the categories above will give you the same return as a wedding video will.

You’re unlikely to wear the dress again, the flowers will be gone after the wedding day and the music finishes that night.

You'll have a wedding video forever.

They Have All Of The Professional Kit

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve heard someone say: “My friend has a camera, he’ll film the wedding for us.” This is a big mistake. And I see it happen time and time again.


Most of us have camera phones, but I bet you’re still hiring a wedding photographer, right?


A wedding videographer is so different to what they were 10-15 years ago. No longer do they carry big video cameras or big lights, these days they will have the latest DSLR camera and a magnitude of different lenses tocreate those perfect cinematic shots. They’ll blend into the background and you’ll hardly notice they’re even there.

Image by Alex Azabache

Have you ever watched a film and noticed some bad audio? It really stands out, right? A professional wedding videographer will have the latest audio equipment and will likely hide a wireless microphone under the groom’s tie in order to get perfect audio.


Now compare this to your ‘friend’ who’s at the back of the room, holding a shaky camera, who can’t hear anything. No one wants to hear a crying baby or people in the congregation makingnoise.


A professional will have all of the latest editing software to edit out any problems they hear in post production.


The best way to imagine this is comparing a home-made video from ‘You’ve Been Framed’ to the last TV show you watched on Netflix.


Trust me, it’s a decision you will be happy you made once you’ve watched your wedding video afterwards.


You Can Share The Video With Friends And Family

Who Couldn’t Make It To The Wedding

Not everyone you know will be able to make it to your wedding. It could be because of money, or they’re just too far away.


Having a wedding video will enable you to share your special day with friends and family all over the world.


Trust me, they’ll really appreciate being able to watch it.


I had a bride whose grandmother was ill so couldn’t travel to the wedding. They hired me to film their wedding day and she was able to share it with her grandmother just a few days later.


Unfortunately she died not long after but her family were so happy that they could share something so beautiful just before she passed.


I offer a special one minute ‘Instagram Film Trailer’ as part of one of my wedding packages. These are perfect for these types of moments.

You Can Re-Watch Your Vows And First Dance Over And Over Again

Your wedding day will go so fast you won’t realise until it’s all over. Some of my previous brides have mentioned that they don’t even remember saying their wedding vows! You’ll hear yourself saying ‘I do’ and get to relive those emotions over and over again.


It’s spine-tingling just thinking about it. The only way to relive those moments is with a wedding video.


Brides love my cinematic slow motion confetti shots, a few highlights of which are below.

5,rewatch vows

You Will Hear Their Voices Forever

Not everyone we love will be here forever, so being able to save those voices in a family video is truly unique.


How often do we all get together nowadays as one big family, with EVERYONE around?


It’s only at weddings, and having a video with everyone you know and love in it is irreplaceable.


Your wedding video will truly become a family keepsake.


Don’t be one of those brides who regrets not hiring a professional wedding videographer at their wedding.


Get in touch to see if I'm available.

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