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  • Investing in a luxury wedding book is the ultimate way to preserve the cherished memories of your special day. These handcrafted masterpieces are not just albums; they are a piece of art, beautifully designed to encapsulate the elegance and emotion of your wedding.


    Presented in a luxurious presentation box, your wedding video book will also come with 10 complimentary prints of some of the highlights from your wedding day. Simply open the book and your wedding film will begin to play. The easy to use controls will make it an absolute pleasure to indulge yourself in those wedding memories.


    With top-quality materials and attention to detail, a luxury wedding book becomes a family heirloom, something to pass down through generations. The tactile experience of instantly re-watching your special day adds a tangible connection to your memories, making the story of your wedding truly come alive.


    In the digital age, a luxury wedding book provides a tangible and lasting testament to your love, one that will continue to enchant and amaze for years to come.


    These are availabale for both previous and current couples.



    Luxury Wedding Video Book

    £245.00 Regular Price
    £220.50Sale Price
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