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Optional Add-Ons To Enhance
Your Viewing Experience

Ready to invest in your memories? Enhance your viewing experience with these hand-crafted add-ons. They not only enhance the quality of your wedding video but also allow you to cherish and share your love story in a way that goes beyond the ordinary. 


Presented in a luxurious presentation box, have your beautiful wedding films always within reach with my luxury wedding video book - perfect for showing friends & family your magical wedding film.


Simply open the book & your wedding film will begin to play, whilst the easy to use controls will make it an absolute pleasure to indulge yourself in those wedding memories.


Main Features: 


- The video plays automatically when the book is opened. 

- Linen Hard Cover with a luxury feel.

- 7" IPS high definition screen.

- Pause/play, previous video, next video and volume control buttons.

- Built in speaker

- USB cable included for charging and DIY file transfer

- Over 4+ hours of playback time between battery charges


The book will only feature your short wedding highlights film.


Delivered within just 7 days of your wedding, these beautifully edited 1 minute wedding teasers are tailored for social media platforms like Instagram, making it easy to relive and showcase the highlights of your wedding day with friends and family. 


Preserve the magic of the wedding day in a format perfectly suited for today's digital age.


Opting for a wedding video filmed in 4K is a fantastic choice for any bride who wants the highest quality visual representation of her special day. 


4K resolution delivers stunning clarity and detail, capturing every nuance, from the intricate lace on the dress to the heartfelt expressions on faces. 


This level of detail not only provides a more immersive and cinematic experience but also ensures that the memories are preserved in the best possible quality for the long term. 


A 4K wedding video is a timeless keepsake that allows the bride to relive her day with unparalleled clarity and beauty, making it a worthwhile investment.


Investing in a second wedding videographer is a wise decision for any couple looking to capture every angle and emotion of their special day. 


Two videographers provide a comprehensive coverage that ensures no moment is missed. We can simultaneously film the bride and groom getting ready, multiple ceremony perspectives, candid reactions, and more. 


This enhances the depth and storytelling of your wedding video, resulting in a richer, more immersive final product. 


A second videographer ultimately ensures that all the cherished moments of the day are beautifully documented, creating a more complete and memorable record of the wedding.


Created in portrait mode, specifically for viewing on mobile phones and tablets, these short-form videos are prefect for couples seeking to encapsulate the essence of their wedding day in a captivating, bite-sized video format. 


They not only allow you to relive the most memorable moments, but also make it easy to share the joy and romance with a wide audience. Plus, in today's fast-paced digital world, an Instagram Reel gives you an engaging way to showcase your wedding, keeping the memories alive for years to come.


My ‘plug and go’ personalised USB in a beautiful presentation box offers a tangible, elegant keepsake that houses the precious memories of your wedding day. 


This unique memento not only adds a personal touch but also ensures the safe storage of the video content for years to come. 


It's a timeless and beautifully packaged way to relive the magic of the wedding, making it a cherished heirloom that can be shared with future generations.

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wedding video in wooden presentation box
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